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  1. 2010-09 Article of the Yankee Doings dated September 2010

  2. 2009-12-13_18 Robert L. Cragg, Veteran of 26th Infantry Division (Yankee Division) on visit in Luxembourg

  3. 2010-08-22 the American Cemetery in Hamm, Luxembourg RTL Luxembourg, small film, featuring Erwin Franzen and Nico Schroeder (it plays after a few commercials....). A choir of young Americans, known as Sound of America, visits the Cemetery every year, bringing new US flags.

  4. Feedback from US Veterans after showing the link to the RTL Video Film:

    1. Certainly was nice hearing from you. Indeed, the film clip shows another of the tributes you in Luxembourg dedicate to those who so valiantly fought, now nearly 66 years ago. To me, it surely kindled wonderful memories of our visit with you last December - a humbling and emotional experience.
      I expect to see Harry next week at the Veterans of the Battle of the Bulge re-union in Columbia, South Carolina. Looking forward to it as we haven't gotten together in about four years.
      Again, thanks - Bob - 2010-08-28

    2. Many thanks for the information, Our youngest daughter is visiting from Port Charlotte, FL, and watched this with us. We explained that we have been to Hamm five times since the war, and the scene is very familiar.
      She arrived today and is going to take our dog, "Dutch," (a miniature Schnauzer) home with her and take care of him while we go the VBOB annual reunion in Columbia, South Carolina . . . and then to Maryland. We will be away about 12 days. We will drive to Port Charlotte . . . about 185 miles (298 K) and pick him up when we get home.
      Best regards, Harry - 2010-08-29

  5. 2009-12-13_18 Robert L. Cragg, Veteran of 26th Infantry Division (Yankee Division) on visit in Luxembourg

  6. 2009-12-17 Peace Light Ceremony in Grosbous with the presence of 6 WWII Veterans and the Lightening of the Beacon with the Fire coming over Vienna from Bethlehem

  7. 2009-12-RBS-28 Harry E. Kirby, Veteran of 26th Infantry Division (Yankee Division) 3rd Army - Clib of the RBS Bulletin, Dec 2009


Memorial for the 26th Infantry Division situated in the "Schankegréicht"
between Grosbous and Pratz



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  21. Vun der Bomm bei de Bunker "Runschelt" zu Kaundorf (21. Juli 2009) -- Tilly Gengler
  22. Vun der Kierch bei de Bunker "Runschelt" zu Kaundorf (28. Juli 2009) -- Marc Thoma

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    Nuetswuecht - Night Vigil - Veillée de nuit
    Schankegriecht, dec 22,2004


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